Terms and Conditions

Restaurant Smart menu The terms and conditions are an initial transaction document, so be sure to obtain a clear copy of the agreement contract or invoice from the sales representatives, which clarifies the details of the agreement, including the technical and technical details.


Intellectual property rights

The intellectual property rights of the project or design are reserved to the client, the ownership rights of the source code and the rights of IT solutions for the service, whether “technical study, programming, web design, application design, graphic design, e-marketing or motion graphic, and all the services we provide are reserved for the benefit of The first party (the Restaurant Smart menu Corporation), and accordingly the first party (the Restaurant Smart menu Corporation) and the second party (the customer) have the right to place their logo and website link for them on the interface of the website and application or in a prominent and clear place for the visitor, browser, and user of that application or site, and the second party is not entitled to request removal The rights of the first party, except with the approval of the first party, and the payment of 20% of the contract value.


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