New  Restaurant online menu & QRCode generation

New Restaurant online menu & QRCode generation

New generation menu

The Restaurant Smart menu system is a system that provides integrated solutions for the owners of cafes or restaurants as they enable them to display their menu (menu) in an interesting, attractive and fast manner through a special control panel of the application so that all the contents of the café or restaurant appear on the smart menu system pages quickly and distinctly, so that The customer can view and browse all the categories of the food menu of the café or restaurant, and he can see the details of the meal and can choose the additions he wants on the meal and choose the receiving branch so that the orders officer at the café or restaurant begins receiving orders and begins to follow the order through the smart order tracking system specially installed to facilitate the process Follow up the request by the customer so that the customer can follow his request step by step from the beginning until the request is successfully received

Receive your customers' orders now online .. in quick steps

1-Customer scores By mobile

2-The customer chooses the meal And additions

3-The branch receives the request At the same moment

4-The customer continues Easily dialed

5-The customer receives Successfully requested

Restaurant Smart menu

Faster service, more profit

For more information about Restaurant Smart menu, please contact customer service at the following number: